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Cage's lyrical & tranquil work Amores at Holland Festival Online

Cage’s Amores at Holland Festival Online

Amores was online to watch for free from Saturday 13 June till Monday 15 June. The film is no longer available.

While being one of the oldest works we’ve tackled, John Cage’s Amores (1943) remains remarkably contemporary, his vibrant approach to sound and structure feeling as fresh, radical and relevant as ever. Joey Marijs (percussion) and Saskia Lankhoorn (piano) bring a very special socially-distanced interpretation of the work to life for the Holland Festival’s online edition 2.0-2.0. The ten minute work sandwiches two movements for an array of percussion instruments between two movements for prepared piano that are filled with lyricism and tranquility.

Amores and Cage are important inspirations for Bill T. Jones, associate artist at the Holland Festival this year, while Cage is also a key inspiration for many of the composers with whom we work with Ensemble Klang.

Amores forms a part of our 2020 Diversions series: a series of online videos and recordings made during the corona lockdown and socially-distanced year of 2020.