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Musical Utopias | Change

21 December 2018, 19:30 - 23:00

An evening of American minimalism and liberation-oriented free jazz from artists who strive not just to highlight issues of social and political imbalance but also use their music to fight for change. Ensemble Klang pair up with Irreversible Entanglements, one of the hottest groups on the international jazz circuit. The group are renowned for their unrelenting, high intensity performances, driven by the searing poetic narrations of poet Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother).

And in a unique one-off collaboration, musicians from the two groups come together to perform Julius Eastman’s minimalist gem Femenine. “Wild, grand, delirious, demonic, an uncontainable personality surging into sound.” According to Alex Ross (New Yorker) “the brazen and brilliant music of Julius Eastman” is finally getting its due. Eastman gave his life to writing works that brought listeners into direct contact with racial, sexual and gender politics. And while at the turn of the century he was nearly forgotten, he is now enjoying a wonderful rediscovery. While having enjoyed illustrious moments in his career, as both performer and composer, when he died at the age of just 49 he was homeless, living on the streets of New York. Many of his scores were lost, and so performances of his work remain difficult. But recently we pieced together the sensuous work Femenine, using a recording of a single live performance and a sketch of a score in Eastman’s original handwriting.

The evening includes a brand new work for Ensemble Klang by composer, saxophonist and writer extraordinaire Keir Neuringer. Well-known for his personal and physical saxophone solo work his politically-charged compositions are filled with intent and beauty.

“…with Neuringer’s music…mortal purpose is a given.” The Wire Magazine

“one of the most powerful and relevant works of art you’ll encounter this year” The Quietus (on Irreversible Entanglements)

“ ‘Irreversible Entanglements’ self-titled debut wakes the frozen body to move, the dead mind to react, the mute mouth to scream resistance” — NPR (on Irreversible Entanglements)

“Ayewa’s words—which are furious, but delivered with seething rage rather than showy howls—add to the intensity until it’s almost too much to take. This album will make you clench your fists” STEREOGUM (on Irreversible Entanglements)


21 December 2018
19:30 - 23:00


Ensemble Klang & Korzo
Prinsestraat 42
The Hague, Netherlands
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