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"Associate Makers represents the group’s most significant structural change since its founding."

Introducing Associate Makers 2023-2024

Stichting Ensemble Klang’s program of Associate Makers represents the group’s most significant structural change since its founding. It is a reassessment of what ‘ensemble’ means as we move towards the middle of the 21st century, and a celebration of what ‘ensemble’ can be. In the period 2021-24 we will bring as many makers in to the organisation as there are performers, placing the process of creation at the pulsing heart of the Stichting. Now that the succesful period of first makers comes to an end, we will introduce the new makers who will collaborate with us.

Amongst the newly introduced associate makers we find: composers, DJs, visual artists and singers who will work at the forefront of the group’s activities, each across a two year period. In addition to creating new work, the Associate Makers will perform, curate events, work on education projects and help shape the broader identity and artistic output of the organisation.

These artists are all classic Ensemble Klang collaborators, creating their own unique (musical) worlds, worlds that often sit outside or in between established genres, worlds that are full of profound and new artistic statements. This new format establishes a more fluid working relationship, not just a commission for a single work, but an open-form request to create and think together. We believe it will throw up unexpected and un-thought of experiences for our musicians, listeners and observers alike.

The Associate Makers for the period 2023-2024 are:

Job Oberman/Oceanic
Stephanie Pan
Rozalie Hirs
Sara Vrugt
Steve Mackey