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hyper-energetic, ever-circling wonderlands of impossible geometry

Michael Gordon’s Hyper

One of our 2020 Diversions, we’re delighted to present the complete recording and video of Michael Gordon’s Hyper, with video animation by Schupp & Van Dijk: 

A hyperactive, hyper-energetic, ever-circling adventure into wonderlands of impossible geometric shapes and forms, Michael Gordon’s Hyper takes as its point of inspiration the Penrose Stairs, used in M.C. Escher’s art, to conjure a musical work in continual ascent. Performed in an arrangement for Ensemble Klang, the film has been recorded and made during the corona-lockdown period (March-June 2020): each performer recording their part individually to be then layered on top of each other for the finished result. The specially made video animation, by Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk, plays with mirrors, symmetries and multiples to transform something of apparent simplicity into something altogether ‘other’.

Hyper forms a part of our 2020 Diversions series: a series of online videos and recordings made during the corona lockdown and socially-distanced year of 2020.