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"It's amazing to see how Klang and Mitchener can loosely hop between different genres."

Musical Utopias #5 – Photo impression

From 12-14 January 2023 Ensemble Klang’s festival of Musical Utopias returned to the Korzo for its 5th edition. This year’s edition focused on Voices & Machines: human-like computer voices, computer-like human voices, text-to-speech-to-song, self-optimisation, modesty and monumentality, the destruction of the self, development and transience, the superiority of nature, performer-less performances and also performer-packed performances overflowing with pure sheer abundance.

Day 1

Essential Relaxing Classical Hits – Laurence Osborn, Agata Zubel & Ensemble Klang

Saskia Lankhoorn of Ensemble Klang, and Agata Zubel, photo Tessa Veldhorst
Joey Marijs of Ensemble Klang, photo Tessa Veldhorst
Ensemble Klang and Agata Zubel performing Essential Relaxing Classical Hits, photo: Tessa Veldhorst
Ensemble Klang with Laurence Osborn and Agata Zubel, at Musical Utopias festival 2023. Left to right: Erik-Jan de With (saxes), Anton van Houten (trombone), Laurence Osborn (composer), Agata Zubel (voice), Joey Marijs (percussion), Pete Harden (guitar), Saskia Lankhoorn (piano), Michiel van Dijk (saxes)

RELAY – Touki Delphine

Day 2

CyberSongs – Barbara Ellison, Nathalie Smoor, Pavla Beranova & Ensemble Klang

Day 3

Displacement – Merijn Bisschops, Saskia Lankhoorn

"Minimal music but just a tad different." - on Saskia Lankoorn and Merijn Bisschops

Blight & Beauty – Jan-Bas Bollen, Elaine Mitchener & Ensemble Klang

"The Dutch composer Bas-Jan Bollen turned Ensemble Klang into an well-oiled rockcombo, just for the occasion." - on Ensemble Klang

Jameszoo’s Blind Group

"A true listening trip consisting of disruptive jazz, electronic music and exciting silences" - on Jameszoo's Blind Group