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"Which new worlds, atmospheres and structures can you discover if you dare to take a step back, to lean out completely?"

Musical Utopias #6 – Photo Impression

Between 11-13 January 2024 Ensemble Klang and the Korzo joined forces for Musical Utopias #6. Bringing together music-makers and artists from multiple disciplines all striving to build new worlds, this year’s focus revolved around losing control. It featured new works, productions, films and talks by artists including: Oceanic, Sofia Jernberg, Alexander Hawkins, Stephanie Pan, Ela Orleans, Tatsuru Arai, Spheric Totemic, Maya Verlaak, Jesse Broekman, Eva Rovers, and Ivan Vukosavljevic.

Here we present a quick photographic round-up of our most successful edition of the annual festival to-date!

Join us again next year for more Musical Utopias… 9-11 Jan 2025!

Day 1

Stephanie Pan’s The Art of Doing Nothing

Eva Rovers & Stephanie Pan – context talk

Ela Orleans’s Night Voyager

Day 2

Jesse Broekman’s will it be like this for a long time, you asked

Cracked Glaze – Sofia Jernberg, with Ensemble Klang & Spheric Totemic (Matthew Wright, Alexander Hawkins, Neil Charles, Mandhira de Saram & Stephen Davis)

Sofia Jernberg & Alexander Hawkins

Day 3

Conditions – Maya Verlaak

Re-Solarization – Tatsuru Arai

Oceanic’s Your Rhythm – Our Rhythm

Ivan Vukosavljevic’s Slow Roads (film)