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visit Ensemble Klang in this virtual hotel for the performing arts

Ensemble Klang comes to NITE Hotel

As part of the Korzo’s takeover of the NITE Hotel, Ensemble Klang is premiering two brand new films, instalments of our own 2020 Diversions series. The NITE Hotel is an online virtual venue and, well… simply a place for coming together: with a virtual hotel lobby, bar, hotel rooms and of course nightly live-streamed events in its theater.

The hotel is a project of Noord Nederlands Theater and Club Guy & Roni, with the Korzo now curating a week of events around the theme ‘Exploring new grounds’. The hotel will present a program full of artists from the Korzo’s regular programming, from the worlds of dance, circus, theater and music.

The hotel opens its doors for just one week, from 20.15 on 26 June. You’ll be able to find our work in a Hotel Room dedicated to music… Come and visit us here:

Hyper - Michael Gordon | Schupp & Van Dijk

The first video we’ll be premiering is our lockdown recording of Michael Gordon’s Hyper: a hyperactive, hyper-energetic, ever-circling adventure into wonderlands of impossible geometric shapes and forms, Michael Gordon’s Hyper takes as its point of inspiration the Penrose Stairs, used in M.C. Escher’s art, to conjure a musical work in continual ascent. Performed in an arrangement for Ensemble Klang, the film has been recorded and made during the corona-lockdown period (March-June 2020): each performer recording their part individually to be then layered on top of each other for the finished result. The musical and visual content, a specially made video animation by Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk, can be seen as a metaphor for that lockdown situation: a controlled stasis, a recurring day, with recurring patterns and behaviours that collectively blurs time to create an altogether ‘other’ experience.

ambition, suspensions, broken chords - Ethan Braun | Justine Melford-Colegate

The second of the two films available to see in the NITE Hotel is one that transports us far away, and then brings us right back to reality at its closing. Made by artist Justine Melford-Colegate on music by Ethan Braun, ambition, suspensions, broken chords grew from samples of earlier pieces written by Ethan for, and performed by, Ensemble Klang. On making the work Ethan stated these works “were intended to be somehow lived through performance. Bringing them together felt fresher, dusted.”