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Covid Sessions 2

Who knew we'd miss each other this much? And the music, oh the music!

Lockdown Diversions

Who knew we’d miss each other this much? And the music, oh the music!

So, through the Covid-19 lockdown we’ve been entertaining each other via weekly online meets. Aside from having a good old chat and planning the future, we’ve attempted practicing, jamming and rehearsing. The artistic results are… very niche. But the diversion has brought smiles, and opened paths for a few fun new projects.

In addition, the lockdown has given us extra time in the (online) mastering studio. There are two albums, recorded last year, to which we’re putting the final touches. We can’t wait to share these timely new releases from Keir Neuringer and Peter Adriaansz.

Super Duper Hyper Teaser Tester

In June we were scheduled to perform Michael Gordon’s Hyper at the Bach Festival, Dordrecht. It’s a helluva piece to play, and since we’d all been working so hard on the parts, we’ve started experimenting with recording individually at home and piecing it all together… We think M.C. Escher, the original inspiration for the work, would be proud! Check out our first experiment in the teaser, with animation by our very own Michiel van Dijk and Sjeng Schupp. We’ll have more very soon! (You can now watch the full finished recording and video here.)

Covid Zoom Sessions 1

How long is 20 seconds?

Hand-washing, video-chatting, home-schooling, online-ordering, hand-washing, news-gazing, hand-washing, jogging (slowly), binge-watching and then more hand-washing…

Alongside improved hygiene, the 20 second hand-washing rule has also highlighted how different everyone thinks 20 seconds lasts. To settle that argument we’ve each recorded a bit of music to accompany our digital cleansing. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

Stephanie Pan - Beast 360° VR

One of the cancelled concerts about which we were most excited was with Stephanie Pan at Rewire Festival. But console yourself, and check out the amazing 360° VR video made by Madhouse Heaven for her track ‘Beast’… it’s a beautiful piece of work!!