Essential Relaxing Classical Hits – Laurence Osborn – Compact disc


  1. Essential Relaxing Classical Hits: Volume 1
  2. Essential Relaxing Classical Hits: Volume 2
  3. Essential Relaxing Classical Hits: Volume 3

Laurence Osborn (1989, UK) constructs Essential Relaxing Classical Hits from fragments of existing pieces, from Pachelbel’s Canon to Debussy’s Clair de Lune. Written for soprano Agata Zubel and Ensemble Klang, Osborn’s slippery musical textures ooze through his own urgent text, exploring the destruction of the self in the twenty-first century.

Agata Zubel, solo soprano
Erik-Jan de With, saxophones
Michiel van Dijk, saxophones
Anton van Houten, trombones
Joey Marijs, percussion
Saskia Lankhoorn, piano and keyboards
Pete Harden, electric guitar
Arne Bock, sound

Essential Relaxing Classical Hits was commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK) and November Music Festival (NL)

Live recording of the world premiere
Recorded by Arne Bock at Verkadefabriek, November Music Festival, Den Bosch (NL) on 13 November 2021

Mixed, edited & mastered by Arne Bock
Produced by Arne Bock & Pete Harden
Design by Duel (

Ensemble Klang Records Nr 14
Ensemble Klang Records is a production of Stichting Ensemble Klang which is financially supported by the City of The Hague and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

All music and texts are written by, and copyright, Laurence Osborn

all rights reserved


Threefold ecopack Compact Disc, with 24-page booklet including Tim Rutherford-Johnson’s liner notes, and Laurence Osborn’s complete texts for Essential Relaxing Classical Hits.