Waves – Peter Adriaansz – Compact disc

The fold-out CD includes a comprehensive 16-page booklet with: liner notes by Bob Gilmore; a Q&A with the composer; photographs; score samples and biographies.

About Waves
The work of Peter Adriaansz (1966) is a musical exploration of profound existential questions, questions defiantly of the twenty-first century, about musical perception, about the nature of sound and the passage of time. Waves is music that moves very slowly; it is composed of long tones that change mostly in our perception because of incidents in the sonic ecology that surrounds them. Extremely reduced in its material, this reduction is however far from an impoverishment: listening to this music invites a quality of attention that calms the mind and creates a state of wonder.

The album includes the work “Waves 5 to 7”, which was selected for the Toonzetters as one of the top 10 contemporary Dutch works from 2008.

5-stars: “As a listener you are gradually sucked ever deeper into a sound where infinitely detailed worlds unfold, worlds whose existence you didn’t at first suspect.” (Het Parool, 14 April 2010)

“time and sound coagulate into slowly turning crystals.” “Klang’s playing is intimidatingly good, beautiful and honest.” (De Trouw, 06 March 2010)

5-stars: “Pure, uncompromising and relentless… Ensemble Klang play everything with an equal amount of precision as intensity and honesty, and with this brilliant triptych prove themselves to definitively be one of the top ensembles.” (NRC Handelsblad, 21 May 2010)
released January 21, 2010

Ensemble Klang:
Heiko Geerts, reeds
Erik-Jan de With, reeds
Anton van Houten, trombone
Joey Marijs, percussion
Pete Harden, guitars
Saskia Lankhoorn, piano
Tom Gelissen, sound & recording

Special guest performers:
Lisanne Soeterbroek, violin (tracks 5-7)
Juan Parra, live electronics (tracks 1-3, 5-8)
Lauran Jurrius, recording (track 4)

Mixed and produced by Tom Gelissen
Artistic direction, Pete Harden
Design by Duel (www.studioduel.nl)

Recorded on 14-16 July and 18 July 2009 in the Orgelpark, Amsterdam

There are no edits or overdubs in the tracks; each movement was recorded in a single take.

This cd was made possible with financial support from Société Gavigniès.