Environments is an evening-long work written for Ensemble Klang by one of their closest collaborators, Peter Adriaansz.

In Environments Adriaansz examines humankind’s relationship to society, and its perception of society, as well as ways that that perception can be illustrated in the musical construction itself. Our changing understanding of time, over the centuries, is a central metaphor, with the work exploring developed notions of time: linear; circular; imaginary; and binary. Time eventually becomes space itself, with the context of the individual observer being the only measurable element.

With the audience placed centrally, sounds, voices and music travel through space, circle the listeners, emerge from all around, and ping from left to right to deliver a fully immersive sonic experience.


  • 20 Dec 2018, Korzo, The Hague (Musical Utopias Festival)


“a wonderful paradox of ever-changing stasis, in which a sense of time fades away. [Sounds] remain motionless in space. And yet everything sparkles and vibrates.”

Premiere of Watts by Peter Adriaansz, Elektriciteits Fabriek, The Hague, Festival Dag in de Branding (c) Rob HogeslagPeter Adriaansz (c) Jiri Buller/Hollandse Hoogte