Keir NeuringerElegies & Litanies – Keir Neuringer – 12” Vinyl

Beautiful 12″ gatefold LP, pressed on 180g vinyl, in an initial edition of 250.

As long as he has written music, Keir Neuringer (1976) has imbued his work with a sense of urgency and a mordant earnestness about the harm and desolation of so-called Western culture. On Elegies & Litanies, outrage, despair, and a mourning for the gone world are revealed in a compositional palette that is at turns angular, smoldering, menacing, but also arcadian. These are works born as much out of the composer’s studio as out of the rehearsal studio with Ensemble Klang. For Neuringer, hope evolves not necessarily out of content or form, but out of action: in a personal formulation of Gramsci’s pessimism of the mind, optimism of the will, it evolves out of the shared ritual of music making.

In-depth context, interviews, score excerpts and photos here:

by Keir Neuringer

These three compositions—the notations, texts, performances, and post-production work taken together—speak for themselves. Rather than an introduction, here is an afterword. Elegies at the Border was constructed of work fragments from across the past decade. As with much of my work I am trying to acknowledge, to memorialize…  more
released October 23, 2020

All works written by Keir Neuringer

Keir Neuringer, alto saxophone & spoken text
Michiel van Dijk, flute, bass clarinet, soprano & baritone saxophones
Erik-Jan de With, soprano, tenor & baritone saxophones
Anton van Houten, trombone
Joey Marijs, percussion
Saskia Lankhoorn, piano & keyboards
Pete Harden, electric guitar & banjo

Recorded by Micha de Kanter at Yoursonics Studio, Rijswijk ( on 1 May 2019, and 28 & 29 August 2019.
Mixed, edited and produced by Keir Neuringer, Pete Harden & Micha de Kanter
Mastered by Micha de Kanter
Design by Duel (

Ensemble Klang Records Nr 10
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