Pete HardenPrecious Metals – Pete Harden – Compact Disc

Gatefold case, printed on magic silver paper, with sixteen-page booklet including photos, liner notes, interview and score samples.

In Precious Metals, composer Pete Harden conjures a world of rich humming surfaces punctured by howling wild vibrations, a set of works that at times soar with a bright radiance and at others crash with shattering ferocity. Distorted trombones and stuttering guitars lead you through an exploration of texture and resonance. The works, imagined as plates – of different metals, age and corrosion – hang adjacent to each other. Your ears left to trace fluctuations in colour and grain, small impurities within each solid structure.
released June 15, 2016

Michiel van Dijk, reeds
Erik-Jan de With, reeds
Anton van Houten, trombone
Joey Marijs, percussion
Saskia Lankhoorn, piano and keyboards
Pete Harden, electric guitars and electronics

Recorded by Micha de Kanter
Mixed and produced by Tom Gelissen and Pete Harden
Mastered by Tom Gelissen
Design by Duel (

Liner Notes by Rene van Peer, with a Q&A between Oscar Bettison and Pete Harden
all rights reserved