The Burning


Ivan Vukosavljević’s brand new work arms Ensemble Klang with an array of deconstructed electric guitars, the ensemble reborn as prepared/tabletop/eBow guitarists. The Burning is a hypnotic and intense 45 minute long work that moves between the transformed guitars and Klang’s regular instruments. The work creates a sound environment, an architecture, through which the players navigate and interact.

The symbolism of the burning is multiple but singular, both destructive and transformative, it is both a metaphor for continuation and an ending. It is the echo of the burning past and burning of the past.

Often exploring extreme amplification, amplified instruments, improvisation, hybrid instruments and specific manners of playing, Ivan Vukosavljević is a Serbian composer based in The Netherlands. The Burning is commissioned by Gaudeamus and Ensemble Klang.


  • 5 Oct 2019, Orgelpark (Amsterdam)
  • 9 Nov 2019, Le Guess Who? (Utrecht)
  • 20 Dec 2019, Musical Utopias #2, Korzo (The Hague)
  • 10 Sep 2022, Gaudeamus (Utrecht)