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Thrift Hybrids

Special project

Matthew Wright and Claron McFadden’s Thrift Hybrids exists as both video installation and live performance, bringing a living-room-in-lockdown to the stage. Claron McFadden is Zoomed-in as a visitor or maybe soloist, an observer or maybe the observed, to Ensemble Klang’s home. In this space filled with screens and televisions the work reflects on our relationship with media and technologies, creating a multi-layered environment of repetition, both visual and sonic, live and remote.

Voice & music – Claron McFadden
Concept, music & videos – Matthew Wright
Porcelain photo – Martin Klimas
Stylist – Femke van Hilten
Lighting – Sanne Rosbag


  • 13-21 Feb 2021 (Musical Utopias #3 - online festival)
  • Live premiere 14 Nov 2021, Le Guess Who?, Utrecht